We’ve all had a Pizza Day moment. What’s yours?

The famous businessman and author, Andreas Antonopoulos, said he paid five Bitcoin (BTC) for a pound of coffee in 2012.

„I don’t regret it or any other BTC I have spent or given away,“ Antonopoulos told Cointelegraph in a May 22 email. „Without spending them, BTC would not have become what it is today,“ he added. „I still use it as currency and make a transaction or two every week.“

Bitcoin Pizza Day: 8 years later – Where can you buy pizza with Bitcoin?

Antonopoulos didn’t even like coffee
Antonopoulos‘ tweet arrived on Bitcoin’s Pizza Day, a holiday in cryptospace that commemorates the first documented commercial purchase with Bitcoin. About 10 years ago, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas, a total of about USD 41 at the time. At today’s valuation, 10,000 BTC would be worth approximately USD 92.5 million.

About two years later, in 2012, Antonopoulos bought a pound of coffee beans for 5 BTC, according to his tweet of May 22, 2020 that relates the experience. „The coffee was not good,“ he explained in the tweet.

The first Bitcoiner said he could not remember the details surrounding the transaction. „I was a coffee reseller in the United States,“ he told Cointelegraph, adding, „Just a small private shop for what payment method should i use on Immediate Edgehow to transfer gbp to eur on Bitcoin CodeBitcoin Evolution job offersbuy bitcoin sv The News SpyBitcoin Billionaire credit card cash advancehow to buy xrp with Bitcoin EraBitcoin Circuit social trading minimumBitcoin Revolution eth eur pricewhy gemini is better than Bitcoin Traderhow to start a Bitcoin Profit account Coffee.

Tyler Winklevoss had a $3 million ‚Bitcoin pizza moment‘ with a trip to space

There are many other similar stories
There are many other stories like Bitcoin’s Pizza Day within the larger blockchain community, and some can still happen. A well-intentioned purchase today can result in a fortune lost in hindsight for someone in the near future, if the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. „Everyone at Bitcoin has had a moment to spend ‚Pizza Day,'“ Antonopoulos explained on his tweet, adding, „Some of you haven’t realized it yet.

Brandon Mintz, the CEO of the Bitcoin Depot ATM network, also noted a similar story. „I spent about 5 Bitcoin on a box of donuts by the end of 2012,“ Mintz told Cointelegraph, adding, „Good luck getting over that.

Cointelegraph reporter Sam Haig said he paid 1 BTC for a used $600 laptop in 2014, after buying that 1 BTC for only $70 in 2013. „My friend lost his keys, so I finally got a laptop in exchange for contributing to the reduction of Bitcoin’s overall supply,“ Haig said. „You’re welcome, haig.“

„It’s only a matter of time“ before Bitcooin’s price hit a record high, according to Amber’s CEO
Cointelegraph editor Jeffrey Albus tells a similar story, in which he paid 15 BTC for a meat dinner in 2011. „12 BTCs were to pay for the meal. I gave the other 3 BTCs to our waitress as a tip using a paper wallet,“ Albus reveals, adding wistfully, „I’m sure she just threw it away.
Antonopoulos‘ tweet produced a lot of comments, as many of the early industry participants expressed similar problems, including stories of BTCs being spent on candles and diapers.

In addition, Tyler Winklevoss, an early adopter of Bitcoin and co-founder of the Gemini exchange, paid 312.5 BTC for a ticket on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft in 2014. With a value of USD 250,000 at the time, the purchase would now be worth approximately USD 2.8 million.